Resources for Library Directors and Board Members:

Professional Collection (located in workroom).  All titles cataloged are available via Inter-Library Loan.    Subjects include: writing policies, fundraising, non-profit board solutions (Board Café) and Board Source; small library administration and management; children’s & YA programming & services; Friends of the Library; PR, IF (Intellectual Freedom); Copyright; as well as various textbooks needed for library assistant certification courses.  PA affiliation with WebJunction.  Access to resources and online training.  The Compendium.  Weekly.

Office Of Commonwealth Libraries:  The Compendium will serve as the one-stop information piece replacing the individual e-mails from our Office and will organize the information into an easy-to-find and easy-to-read format.  The Compendium will be archived on our WebJunction site for your easy reference.  There will be information relating to professional development, grant opportunities, announcements about the budget, programs, the state aid subsidy and topics of interest to the library community.

PA library resources can now be found online at  Click the partners tab; select Pennsylvania.

PA Library Laws: 

The Trustee Toolkit is available; one chapter at a time: Link


Online newsletter for boards.  (“Short enough to read over a cup of coffee”.)

Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries

Pennsylvania Library Association

American Library Association

District Center website


Jessica Miller, Washington County Library System Coordinator,   

724-222-2400  ext. 236  (voice mail—leave message)

Normal office hours:  10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Meetings by appointment.