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Monongahela Area Library Memorial Donation Form

About our Library:

The library has more than 30,000 items in our Collection including the Ringgold High School Reading List books and the River Buffs library, a small collection of transportation and navigation-related material.

Our Genealogy & History Collection has more than 800 volumes, and microfilm of the Monongahela Valley Republican (1851 – 1870; 1876 – 1908), the Monongahela Valley Daily Republican (most volumes 1881 – 1970), the Daily Herald (most volumes 1970 – 1983) and The Bentleyville Courier newspapers (1976 – 1982), and governmental minutes of the city from the 1850s to the 1920s. These items are all in library use only. Other restrictions may apply.

One of Genealogy holdings, the Bebout & Yohe Funeral Home records, were transcribed by Leslie Nelson and can be viewed by clicking on the link above.

Board Members:
  • Terry Neccia- President

  • Thomas Headley- Vice- President

  • Linda Hall -Secretary

  • Mary Martin - Treasurer


No meetings are held in July and December.  All meetings are held in the Activities Room of the Library at 6pm


A Brief History:


Although the name and location of the library in Monongahela changed several times during the last century, the Monongahela Area Library is a direct descendant of the boom in library building at the end of the 19th century.

  • 1899  City residents request the Braddock Carnegie Library create a deposit collection. The collection was housed in E. J. Kelly Bookstore on Main Street

  • 1902  Carnegie Free Library of Monongahela opened.

  • 1920  Monongahela Public Library becomes the name when the library moves into City Hall

  • 1946 Byers Memorial Library the name selected when the facility moves to 900 Main Street. The name reflected the bequest of their home of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Byers to serve as the library.

  • 1987 Monongahela Area Library was built after a fund raising campaign of more than a decade. The library serves the residents of the Ringgold School District communities.

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